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Frequently Asked Questions


Student Clubs are established within the 4 week period of each Academic Year. In order to establish a new student club, a letter of application explaining the purpose of the club should be submitted to the Student and Corporate Activities Directorate. After the letter of application is approved and the necessary forms are filled, the club is officially established in that Academic Year.

After a yearlong English Preparatory Program, all instruction programs at the University, (30% in Faculty of Law), are instructed in English 100%. This allows students to have good command of both written and spoken English. Medium of instruction at Department of Nursing is Turkish; however, students may attend a yearlong English Preparatory Program if they wish given that there is enough vacancy.

Students, who succeed in the Proficiency in English Exam conducted by the University at the beginning of the academic year, may begin 1st grade directly.  The National and International Exams recognized to be exempt from English Preparatory Program and their minimum scores are announced at the web page of School of Foreign Languages.
IUE is in close relations with universities abroad. In this context, IUE sends and receive students to and from EU and its candidate countries for a minimum of one semester as part of ERASMUS agreements. More detailed information about SUNY is available on the link below.
Breakfasts and meals are provided as fixed menu or a la carte at the restaurants in the main building and dormitory building.
No, it doesn’t. There is continuous education excluding official holidays and academic break.
No, only translation in English is accepted in the Department of Translation and Interpretation. However, students can choose second languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and Greek as a Second Foreign Language.
Those, who reside outside of Izmir, and reside outside the borders of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality stay at the dormitory free of charge. In case of non-availability of the University dormitory, students, who reside in places other than the University dormitory, will be granted 325TL monthly for 9 months. However, if a student chooses not to stay at the dormitory, they do not receive Housing Allowance.  
While students with full scholarship do not pay any fees; students with 50% Scholarship pay only 50% of the tuition fees. Other than that, students do not pay any fees as they do in the state universities.   
Aptitude test is only required at the Department of Fashion and Textile of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.
The scholarships awarded by Izmir University of Economics are complimentary and they do not bind the students with any financial or service obligations.
The University does not offer such a service; however, campus is located in Izmir-Balçova district, Teleferik locality. Since the campus is close to the city centre, transportation is easily accessible.
Student, who wishes to receive full scholarship, needs to take the exam again and placed with full scholarship quota by OSYS (Student Selection and Placement System) Guideline. Otherwise, he/she continues education with 50% scholarship.
Students, who qualified for “Full Scholarship” indicated in OSYS (Student Selection and Placement System) Guideline, can benefit from all scholarship rights including tuition fee scholarship during Preparatory Program as well.

The medium of instruction at Izmir University of Economics is English. Furthermore, second foreign languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, and Latin (Elective) are offered in four year undergraduate degree programs.